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Where we hope to introduce to you the excellent taste and variety of flavour. is a sexy dining venue offering a modern Thai eating experience with a Western twist.

The cuisine of Thailand has rapidly gained popularity around the world and highly regarded for its intricate combination of flavours, balancing spiciness with oriental tastes and most of all, healthy eating. Proudly, our customers do not need to travel half the globe to experience its kind as this is now being brought to you right from our kitchen.

At , all our food is freshly cooked to order. We use solely genuine ingredients from Thailand in our recipes to make sure that the authentic flavours are not impaired or compromised. Therefore, we have been accredited "Thai Select Award" which is endorsed by Royal Thai Government along with numerous awards, Ethical Good Food Award to name but a few.

We hope you enjoy the experience of our food repertoire as well as some of our excellent range of drinks.